Financing solutions

Get a financing solution that suits your business plan – and your budget – whether you’re trading up just one vehicle or expanding your fleet.

Scania offers attractive financing solutions for new or used vehicles, bodywork, trailers, ancillary equipment or modifications. These solutions can be integrated with Scania Insurance, Repair & Maintenance Contracts, Scania Assistance, and much more.

With our specialist knowledge of the transport industry – assessing residual values and risks, and evaluating transport companies – we know how the numbers affect your business.

The financing products we offer are optimised for the tax and legal environments in your country, in order to offer you these benefits wherever we can:

  • Payment amount and frequency tailored to your needs.

  • Fixed or variable rate interest.

  • You can use your bank credit for other business investments.
  • Our smooth processing lets you devote more of your time to your business.